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Beginner All in One Mushroom Kit (Grain + CVG Substrate)

Beginner All in One Mushroom Kit (Grain + CVG Substrate)

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Beginner all in one kit - Injectable & Sterile made with organic rye grain and CVG (Coco Coir/Vermiculite/Gypsum) mix

Supplied in an Official Unicorn injectable filtered bag with a humidity dome, gloves, 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe and an instruction sheet

Designed for mushroom spore print syringes & liquid culture suited to coconut coir, vermiculite & gypsum based substrates - use between 2-3ml of culture per 1kg kit 

Note: Kit does not include spores or cultures of any kind. All in one refers to the grain & substrate being in one bag!

Kits are supplied with medium size nitrile disposable gloves, contact us after purchase if you require a different size.


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